I have done photography most of my life, but my story took some emotional twists and turns.  

My older son, Christopher, took to photography with a great eye, a deep passion for the craft, and an amazing technical competence. He always saw the world through the lens and was rarely seen without a camera.  I helped him get into photography, but at some point, he began to teach me the craft, having greatly exceeded my knowledge at the time.  He had decided to become a photojournalist and travel the world.

But tragedy struck in December 2012 when he died unexpectedly while riding his bike to a graduate class at Boston University.  His professional site is at www.christopherweigl.com, and BU has honored him with a display of his images on the second floor of the School of Communication.

I do photography now to continue Christopher's work in some way, but also to do something I am truly passionate about doing.  

I am happy to help you with documentary, event, portrait, light commercial, and real estate photography in the Boston area.